Changes in healthcare across the country has forced many physicians to become medication managers who see patients every 10-15 minutes and simply prescribe a “quick fix” for the problem. In this model, doctors only address symptoms of diseases covers rather than addressing the true underlying cause of the disease.

Even though medications can sometimes be helpful, and even crucial part of treatment, at Angelic Lift & Wellness by Dr. O, we believe deeply in the power of conversation, the human connection and the fact that the body was designed by God to Heal itself with proper support, nutrition & lifestyle.

Angelic Lift & Wellness by Dr. O, we strongly embrace the truth that the body can not properly repair itself unless the real source of injury is removed. This is why we work hard to help our patients find the source of the insult, recommend metabolic detoxification programs that help remove the toxins.

We believe in the profound physical, mental, and emotional benefits of proper exercise, optimized nutrition and stress management in the care of chronic diseases rather than rely on drugs alone.

This is why Angelic Lift & Wellness by Dr. O focuses on designing customized programs that help patients remove toxins, repair damage, replace missing elements & rebuild the body.

We treat the Underlying cause of deteriorating health by providing Hormonal testing & Replacement, Nutritional testing & Professional grade Supplementation, Repairing & Re-Balancing the gastrointestinal tract, Identifying Food Sensitivities (e.g. lectin, gluten, dairy), Allergy testing & treatment, Educating on Fitness & Exercise, Doctor supervised Weight Management programs, Adrenal testing & Stress mitigation protocols, Detoxification & Sleep hygiene education.

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  • Can you help me with my problem?

    Our providers are highly skilled in evaluating, assessing and treating a wide variety of concerns & medical problems. We use innovative systems in assessing and treating your health & beauty concerns. Our goal is to get you results.


  • Do you accept medical insurance?

    Please call us to confirm whether the service you are interested in is covered by insurance or not. Please note: we do NOT accept any form of medical or government insurance including Medicare/Medicaid/Tricare for elective cosmetic services.