Finally, Without Pain Or Scars .

The Easy, No-Cut Tummy Tuck?

Check out Dr. O’s Torso result in just 6 painless, no-downtime, non-invasive treatment sessions over a 2week period. Amazing…
Dr. Tinuade Olusegun

Here’s my torso result:

This is the preferred treatment of Latin American television and movie
celebrities living in South Beach and is now available in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Victor Camara

  • Javier Gomez

  • Maria Fernanda Molinari

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And the Syneron laser technology by it’s own merits is nothing to sneeze at for treating wrinkles and cinching up loose skin. Just look at all the press coverage it’s been getting recently: It’s been on Rachael Ray, The Doctors, Dr. Phil, and famously on Keeping Up with the Kardashians for treating Kim’s cellulite, as well as dozens of other media outlets (including all the magazines on this page).

The Key That Unlocks AMAZING Results!

The key to unlocking amazing results come by combining two different technologies, instead of just using them separately. When cellulite reduction IPLs are combined with wrinkle reduction IPLs, unlikely results start to happen. . . take a look at this:

And this one is the best by far:

Now while the results in this video are better than average, the results are staggering! He looks skinnier and tighter now than he did 10 years ago. Actually, he looks so good that when he went home, his girlfriend accused him of getting a tummy tuck but was dumb-founded when she saw there were no scars!

Take a look at these No-Cut post tummy tuck and C-section scar revision results:

How Does It Work?

A laser melts fat and then re-contours whatever fat is not melted to other areas of the immediate body part underneath the skin with mechanical suction. The melted fat then naturally exits through your urine. A second laser is then applied to tighten the skin that is now loosely displaced because it used to cover more volume than it now does; a la post weight loss loose skin. The only downside is that you have to come in for 6 sessions for this to work, because there is only so much fat that you can dissolve and pass safely in one session. This is done in synchronicity with lasers specifically designed for skin tightening.

What About Cost?

The average price of Smart Lipo, Cool Sculpting, and a mini tummy tuck is $5,000 – 6,000. This does not account for the 1-3 months you cannot work, the pain and scarring, the risk of getting botched, or sometimes the hard costs of anesthesia or hospital care. So, let’s throw in a couple of extra couple thousand dollars for excruciating pain, unsightly scarring, fibrosis, hormone disregulation, and loss of wages. The Dr. O Lift is much more affordable, and we have financing available to make this affordable for anyone. Because the price varies from body to body because of differing sizes and shapes, it is necessary to come in for a consultation to get exact prices.

Is It Painful?

There is no pain at all. There is a warm sensation and some suction on the skin and fat, so you will experience some slight pulling of the extra flab.

What About Downtime?

Because there is no pain and this is completely non-invasive, there is no downtime. You literally can resume your activities as soon as you’re done with your treatment.

The Downside?

The availability is very limited, and this offer will be taken down very soon. Right now, the Dr. O Lift is only available to a handful of patients a month. If you’re in San Antonio and want an “Dr. O Lift” this year, you have to act fast because open spaces fill up fast.

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